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Mortgage Calculator

How much is that home going to cost?

Are you looking to purchase a home in Puyallup, but you’re not sure exactly which homes you can afford? Not to worry, the team at Golden West Properties has you covered. The agents at Golden West Properties work hard to ensure that our agents are receiving as many free tools as possible, which is why we have our Mortgage Calculator listed here. Our mortgage calculator can help you figure out how much your potential monthly mortgage payments could be. This will ultimately help you save a lot of time and money in the future. This isn’t the only tool you can use to find out how much you can afford on a home though. If you visit the lender of your choosing, they will have you fill out something called a pre-approval. This pre-approval will let you know exactly how great of a loan you qualify for. Between the pre-approval and however much you have saved up for the down payment, you will be able to shift your focus onto homes in Puyallup that you can afford. To use this tool, all you have to do is fill out the information in the boxes below, and click the “Calculate” button. It’s as simple as that!

If you have any questions about the mortgage calculator, please feel free to contact any of our friendly agents. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have!


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