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Why should you as a real estate professional consider making Golden West Properties your brokerage firm?   As an established real estate agent, you understand that your success is based on your own personal client base, referrals and your advertising.  Your success is a direct result of your hard work, not a company name.  At Golden West Properties, we understand that too, and that is why we have developed a compensation program that allows you the financial freedom to continue to grow your business without the high cost of the big box agencies.  If you are a part time agent and work only with friends and family, our program is perfect for you too.

The nature of our business is constantly evolving.  As a Real Estate professional, you are keenly aware of the necessity to make adjustments in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century marketplace.  The cost of doing business as an agent with one of the big box agencies has risen to excessive levels. Exorbitant desk fees or  commission splits up to 50% coupled with franchise and transaction fees in addition to all the normal costs of doing business have robbed hard-working agents of too much of their income.

If you are tired of giving away 30 to 50% of your hard-earned money for a desk and the use of a company name, and you are ready to take back control of your own business, then Golden West Properties is the place for you.  Our compensation plan is designed to allow agents to keep their hard-earned paycheck for the things that really matter, your family, your life, and your business success. 

Our plan is very simple, a low per month desk fee, and transcation fee. as well as those normal fees which all agents must pay; MLS dues, supra keys dues, E&O, L&I, and B&O.  We charge no franchise fees, no realtor dues, and no advertising fees.


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